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Artist Challenge for 2017: Vessel

Any one can make a vessel by upcycling! Let your imagination grow and join the crackedpots Artist Challenge. 

The artist challenge is free and open to the public. We request those that want to participate adhere to the crackedpots' criteria and use at least 80% recycled materials in your work. The public will vote on the pieces and the artist who wins will receive a cash prize. All pieces can be sold and crackedpots will not take a commission from these sales. 

If you need interesting materials for this check out and use materials rescued from the dump.

Please sign up on the form to the left. We limit it to 2 entries per person. All entries will need to be brought for display by 10am on Tuesday, August 1st. Once you sign up you will be contacted and provided instructions about where and when to bring your entries to the grounds of McMenamins Edgefield. 


Open to all Artists working with recycled or reused materials!
Your entry will be eligible to win the “People’s Choice” vote award! 

Each year, the Cracked Pots Edgefield show features a special element to delight the public and to further educate them about creative reuse. We call this section of the show the Artists’ Challenge.

We are keeping the theme deliberately “open”. You can make whatever suits your fancy and interpret the theme in whatever way you wish. Your art piece may be tiny or large, ornamental or useful, made of any recycled or reused medium. We welcome your creativity and imagination!

Additional information:

• Artists may enter up to 2 pieces of art in the Challenge.

•Each piece must be made of a minimum 80% by volume of recycled/reused materials.

• Each piece of art must have a story tag delineating the story/origin of what the piece is made of.

• Art must be delivered by 10 am on opening day, Tuesday Aug 1st. Bring your art to the Challenge area (across from the Cracked Pots booth in the Little Red Shed area) Cracked Pots handles the art sales.

***You do not need be present at the art show for your art to be sold. Please mark and price your items as appropriate.***

• Artists must pick up their art from the Challenge exhibit area, soon after the show closes. (special pick-up arrangements may be made if you cannot attend)