2015 Recycled Art Show Info:

Set Up: July 20 (Monday)

Show Dates: July 21 (Tuesday) & 22 (Wednesday)

The show is held at McMenamins Edgefield
2126 SW Halsey Street
Troutdale, OR 97060

Show with us!

Are you a maker, artist, or fashion designer that works with reclaimed materials? Yes!  We’d love to have you apply.

Show Criteria

Important: All art shown with crackedpots must fit our Criteria for Recycled Art:

1. Art must be handmade by the artist, not manufactured by a subcontractor.

2. Art must be created from a minimum of 80% materials which:

  • have had a manufactured (human-made) past life
  • have been retired from that life
  • have been re-purposed to a new life
  • you have not purchased new
  • are not leftover from pieces from a new purchase


If you are accepted to the summer show, crackedpots, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, collects a $50 entry fee and a 25% commission on your total two-day sales. These funds help us continue our outreach and mission. These funds are non-refundable.


Showing with us, you gain great exposure and a two year listing in our online Artist Gallery. This will be our 16th annual show. We have a community reputation that inspires over 5000 people to show up, even on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

To Apply Click “Application Instructions” Below  Please put your application answers in the body of the email, not as an attachment.

Here are the important dates you’ll need to know for this year.
Please make note:

2015 Crackedpots Art Show Application Dates
February 13 Call to Artists Sent Out
February 14 Applications First Accepted
March 23 Deadline: All applications must be received by March 30
April 10 If you have not received confirmation of your application by April 10, immediately contact Chelsea Peil at info@crackedpots.org
April 7 – 18 Selection Committee meets. Note: The committee will base its selections on artists’ images and applications
April 22 All applicants will receive notification of selection
May 7 Entry fee of $50 is due from accepted Artists
June 20 Refund requests must be received

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