Since 1998 Cracked Pots has sponsored an annual two-day event at McMenamins Edgefield showcasing the recycled art of nearly100 artists. But we don’t stop there! Our newest endeavor is ReClaim It!, a store located at 1 North Killingsworth.
The mission of ReClaim It! is to rescue materials from the waste stream and inspire people to reuse, repair, and reimagine them.

We glean items from the Metro Central transfer station that are on the way to the landfill, clean them and offer them to our customers. In four years we have diverted over 325,000 pounds from the landfill! Board Members play an active role in the organization. The Board meets monthly on the first Wednesday. Typically Board members spend 10-20 hours per month. They are expected to serve on committees, and participate in our programs, activities and events as enumerated below:
1. Attend at least 75% of board meetings, committee meetings, and special events
2. Serve on one or more committees of the Board
3. Participate actively, in accordance with the member’s availability and skills, in Cracked Pots events and ReClaim It! operations Application Process

If you are interested in exploring Board membership, please contact to be put in touch with a Board member who will follow up with
you. After your initial contact, you will be invited to submit an application. The application process includes an interview with Board members after which you will be invited to attend a Board meeting.