More about how this all started below. 

We are writing to thank all you for coming to the art shows crackedpots has created over the past 16 years.  We have deeply valued your patronage and are glad you care so much about waste reduction and creative re-use.  Crackedpots has now opened a retail store and gallery!

As you may know, we have had this vision for years, and now we have made it happen!  The store, ReClaim It! sells items and artists materials that have been gleaned from the dump or received from local businesses.  You are going to want to see all this great stuff!  Metal boxes, wooden window frames, musical instruments, turned chair legs, heavy glass shelves, fishing rods & golf clubs, flooring &tile samples, interesting metal pieces, old typewriter parts, old tools…..who knows what else will be added each week as our gleaners sort through the dump, looking for treasures?

Looking forward to celebrating with you the beginnings of our long held dream!

The crackedpots Board & Staff