Dear friends—

We were recently alerted of an incident involving a phishing email bearing the unauthorized use of the crackedpots name and logo. This email included a link to fraudulent GoFundMe page soliciting PayPal and credit card information.

If you received this email, please disregard it. It is not from crackedpots or any of our affiliates. 

We truly regret that this has targeted our wonderful community. We don’t know the source of the email or to whom it was sent. The crackedpots email addresses involved were fake and the PayPal link was spoofed. We are currently consulting with professionals to report the scam. If you received the phishing email, please let us know.

What now?

If you opened the email or already entered your payment information into the fraudulent site, please contact PayPal and your financial institution immediately. Your financial information could be at risk.

Additionally, we recommend that you visit, as well as the FTC’s Computer Security Consumer Information page for further information on how to protect yourself from future attacks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at