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The Kenton Women’s Village is a transitional housing project for houseless women in Portland run by The Catholic Charities.  "The clients of the Kenton Women’s Village are formerly houseless women from the Kenton and North Portland neighborhoods. Through Catholic Charities, the women are receiving access to services including case management, employment assistance, access to legal and financial services, mental and physical health care, and a personalized plan to transition to permanent housing by the time they leave the village. Since opening in 2017, 20 women that have stayed in the village have moved into permanent housing.”  More information about Kenton Women’s Village

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The interior space was coordinated by crackedpots treasurer Camille Wright, who also contributed a handmade quilt. The pod features included interior shelving created by board member Jen Thario, and a custom folding desk built by ReClaim it!’s store manager Clark Pope. Board members Jane Comerford, Miriam Hecht, and Emily Sprague also volunteered their time to help with the project.