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Tess Beistel: Board Member, Co-founder, & Member since 1998

Tess moved all over the place during her growing-up years and has nested in Portland for the last twenty-one years. She earns her living as a garden designer and is nuts about having clients use garden art made from recycled materials. Formal education includes two master’s degrees, one in English Literature and the other in Public Administration.

One of the co-founders of crackedpots, Tess has served continuously on the Board since 1998. In addition to environmental activism, she is deeply interested in peacework, meditation, Hospice volunteering and enhancing the existing community gardens program in Portland. Her car is Sweet Pea, her cat is Olive and her favorite color is green.

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Jane Comerford: Vice President & Member since 1999

Jane is a 4th generation Oregonian who has been involved with crackedpots since 1999. She’s a graduate of U of O and Howard University (DC), and a happily retired community college administrator. When she is not dumpster diving, she tries to keep mentally and physically fit by reading (lots!), playing tennis, delving into local history, and hiking far and near. Jane lives with her partner Joan, two goats and two cats. 





Christine Carlson: President Member since 2013  

Chris is a transplanted Ohioan and an environmental advocate. After law school, she worked for the Kettering Foundation and got involved in the field of conflict resolution and consensus building around public policy issues. She came to Portland to help found the National Policy Consensus Center at PSU. She is now a retired dilettante and spends her time reading, gardening, traveling, dabbling, and enjoying the good life.   


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Camille Wright: Board Member since 2014

Camille grew up in New York where she graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Human Ecology prior to moving to the Great Northwest in 1974.  She lived in Corvallis, Bend and McMinnville Oregon, moving to Seattle to earn her MBA at the University of Washington before settling down in Vancouver for the past 26 years to work for Hewlett-Packard as a financial analyst and accounting services manager.  She’s been happily retired for 9 years and stays busy traveling, reading, making scraps of fabric into quilts, building houses and doing committee work with Evergreen Habitat for Humanity in Vancouver.  She has also served in several leadership roles at her church in Portland.

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Rachel Steffen: Board Member Since 2018

Rachel moved to the Pacific Northwest ten years ago after a lifetime of scheming how to get to here. Preserving the environment is a social justice issue and it's important for Rachel to find social justice in all of her primary activities.

Rachel earns her keep at a educational technology company.  Her educational and professional background includes a degree in Comparative Literature, affordable housing development, bookselling, educational sales and technology.  Gardening, beachcombing, firegazing and yoga fill out the rest of her time. 




Elise Guidoux: Board Member since 2016

Elise is a 4th generation California native, who moved to Portland in 2013, to enjoy semi-retirement in the abundant beauty, and local arts and culture scene, that Portland graciously offers. She holds a fine arts degree from San Jose State University, and continues to explore meaningful artistic coincidences, in the multiple offerings of styles and mediums. Currently, she studies and practices the Dutch Master’s style, known for it’s sensual depiction of Northern light. Her professional work experience has been custom picture framing, office administration, and HR Management. With a life-long passion for recycling and reuse of items otherwise destined for the waste pile, she has truly found her tribe in volunteering for crackedpots and their ReClaim It! store. Elise lives with her partner of 30 years, Karen, and their two cats Luna Longtail, and Little Rickey Ricardo Montalban.





Cori Jacobs: Secretary & Member since 2017

Cori and her family relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2008.  She moved to this amazing city to raise her two children and create a strong sense of Community.  Cori was previously a Vice President of Real Estate Strategy for Gap Inc., and now utilizes her Retail Real Estate experience to serve Portland as a Real Estate Broker and Retail Business Consultant. Cori loves the mission of crackedpots and hopes to help support the organization through their Strategic Planning process, and volunteering as much as possible.  During her downtime, she enjoys the great outdoors of the Northwest and exploring the area with her family and their dog, Albie. 

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Donna Deacon: Board Member Since 2018

Donna was born and raised in Illinois, attended Northern Illinois
University, then lived with her husband in Ohio, California, and Georgia
before setting down roots in Portland in 1981 to raise three children, who
are now grown. She has volunteered and worked for various non-profits over
the years, and in retirement focuses her time volunteering with
organizations who understand the value and power of re-use and recycling.
crackedpots is a perfect fit. Other passions are traveling, gardening and
her first grandchild.

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Miriam Hecht: Board Member Since 2018

In college, along time ago at Northwestern University outside of Chicago, I started recycling and went to my first estate sale. Got hooked on both. Waste is not part of my vocabulary. Collecting is. The stranger, the better. After many years with the Portland's Planning and Building Bureaus, I spend my time as a docent with the Portland Art Museum, volunteering, and playing soccer. Cracked Pots and ReClaim It are a great fit.

Emily Sprague: Board Member Since 2018

Emily is a Western NY native who moved to Portland after attending Ithaca College. She studied Film, Photography & Visual Arts graduating in 2014 as a leadership scholar. She was drawn to the nature and beauty in the Pacific Northwest. Emily became involved with crackedpots out of her passion for creative re-use and salvaging items from the waste stream. Other interests include restoring antique furniture, decorating and organizing with re-used materials, singing and spending time with her 3 cats; Cooper, Charlie & Clover.