I. CRITERIA for showing art with crackedpots

All art shown with crackedpots MUST fit the following criteria. APPLICATIONS ARE JURIED. 

1. Art must be handmade by the artists, not manufactured by a subcontractor.

2. Art must be created from a minimum of 80% materials which:

  • have had a manufactured (human-made) past life

  • have been retired from that life

  • have been re-purposed to a new life

  • you have not purchased new

  • are not leftover from pieces from a new purchase

  • clay, branches, rocks and natural materials do not qualify

2. Each piece of art must be accompanied by a detailed story tag which explains the materials past life.We want to send the consistent message “Once was, now is…

II. GUIDELINES for Acceptance and Showing of Art with crackedpots

1. The primary goal of a crackedpots Art Show is to promote art made from materials that otherwise would have gone to the landfill or a recycling processor. We include diversion from recycling processing because reusing a material in art prevents the pollution and energy use needed to convert it back into new materials. For example, most metal is now routinely diverted for recycling, so it’s not at risk for ending up in the landfill, but it is still better to reuse it.

2. Art must be recognizable as having had a past life that has been transformed to a new life.

3. A story tag is required for each piece of art as an important educational tool for the public and is designed to tell its “transformation” story.

4. Selling raw materials or supplies used to make art is not allowed. Materials may be provided for free when used as part of a demonstration with prior approval from crackedpots.

III. Art Show Details

  • The show is held at McMenamins Edgefield, 2126 SW Halsey, Troutdale, Oregon.

  • Fee for showing is $50 due upon acceptance into the show.

  • As a fundraising event there is a tiered commision rate not to exceed 20%. Details upon acceptance.

  • The show will take place both indoors at Blackberry Hall and outdoors on the designated property.

  • Dates are to be announced, but are always during the week (not weekends). Sign up for artist calls to receive notification.

  • Show times are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days. These are subject to change and will be announced.

  • Artists and Makers must be ready to show by 9:45 a.m.

  • Breakdown will take place at 8 PM on Wednesday. Early breakdown will disqualify participants from future shows. All displays stay in place until 8 PM. (Marketing materials/handouts are suggested if you are likely to sell out).

  • Artists/Makers are required to be on site throughout the full show. Helpers are suggested, but not a replacement for the artist.

  • Show withdraws must be in writing to ArtistInfo@crackedpots.org, no later than June 22nd.

  • Spaces approximately 10'x10'. No EZ Canopies - see FAQ for more details.

  • Electricity is only available in Blackberry Hall. Please indicate if you need electricity.