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Kelly Caldwell, ReClaim It! Volunteer Coordinator/Operations Manager


Kelly is an environmentalist & eco-feminist, passionate about the quality of relations between people and the natural world. Driven by the intersection of art & activism, she has a long history of building and mobilizing teams of volunteers to impact everything from food insecurity to clean air and water.

Meeting new people and learning from them are among the most rewarding aspects of her work. She’s constantly improving her communication skills and seeks out unique and ethnically diverse settings where she can practice her Spanish speaking and sign language skills.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource & Environment from the University of Michigan before relocating to the Pacific Northwest. She loves gardening, art, and garden art. She possesses a deep and abiding affinity for extending the life of useful items and reducing carbon footprint through creative re-using, upcycling, living lightly, and promoting localization.

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Sara Badiali, Edgefield Event Manager


Sara Badiali is the creator of, a news website on building material reuse since 2011.

She is serving her second year on the City of Portland’s Deconstruction Advisory Group. For over ten years, she has consulted for both construction businesses and nonprofit organizations. Sara spent four years coordinating and managing deconstruction projects for a reuse organization in Portland, Oregon.

She’s presented at national conferences on building material reuse since 2013. In 2014, she was board chair for the national nonprofit Building Material Reuse Association. She was planner and cohost of the Building Material Reuse Association’s Decon + Reuse ’17 Expo: Saving Our Past, Building the Future conference in September 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

Sara has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Portland State University and is the author of seven articles and one infographic on building material reuse and deconstruction practices. Sara trained and worked as a construction welder in 2002, for architect Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti in Cordez Junction, Arizona.

A metalworker, woodworker, and designer, Sara creates furniture, lighting, fire features, and ornamental gates. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

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Clark Pope, ReClaim It! Store Manager


Born in Portland, Clark studied at U of O, traveled Oregon, Hawaii, and the Southwest as an Archaeologist. He returned to Portland in ‘95 for the joys of unclehood and worked in manufacturing and architectural salvage/sales. As an archaeologist, Clark collected discarded items. He met his lovely wife on a volunteer project. He says that he’s come full circle now, working with volunteers who turn trash into treasures. When he’s not gardening, woodworking, or playing racquetball, Clark likes to try his hand at found object art projects.