~ ReClaim It!

Reuse . Repair . Reimagine

A place for rescued items and recycled art.

Hours: 11am to 6pm, Friday – Sunday

Website: reclaimitpdx.org

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~ The Steel and Style Show – Call for Artists

for the love of metal

April 11, 2015 from 11am to 6pm at McMenamins Grand Lodge

Crackedpots is hosting its 3rd show at this location in Forest Grove. We are excited to appeal to the metal lovers of our community. We will offer a range of works incorporating metal for yard, home, and body adornment. From earrings to a sculpture walk, metal will be on the scene.

Click Here for the CALL FOR ARTISTS

Artists: Tamara and Luke Fountain

Artists: Tamara and Luke Fountain





GLEAN: to gather, collect bit by bit, or pick over in search of relevant material.

Want to go behind the scenes of our region’s waste system and gather materials to use in your art to help make a difference in how the public perceives waste?

Applications for the 2014 GLEAN program are now being accepted January 1 – 31, 2015.  Click here for more details.

“I loved that the artists looked at materials beyond what they originally were made of.  A good sculptor releases the image inside from its coverings.”
- 2013 GLEAN Exhibition patron

2013 GLEANers minus Owen